Struggling to Run This Winter? 6 Steps To Get You Out the Door

Workouts can be grueling or exhilarating.

They can motivate you or deplete you.

They can be the most exciting part of your day, or like another to-do.

I’m sure you have days when you talk yourself through some really good reasons on why you can’t or shouldn’t workout or go for that run.  I know… because I have them too.

As the seasons change, why not switch things up in your workout too?  If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get the same results.  If you want to feel motivated to run, taking some type of action could help.

So since taking action is the key, here are a few moves to choose from when you’re in between what you want to do and actually doing it.  Pick one today and go run with it!

Trick Yourself

Thinking about an hour long workout when you haven’t even started yet can feel exhausting.  When you’re really dragging your feet, commit to just 10 minutes.  Start with a walk, just do a few lunges or push-ups, and really convince yourself that running for 10 minutes is all you really have to do.  You know what usually happens?  You’ll probably continue and go longer than 10 minutes, but even if you don’t, oh well!  Ten minutes is better than nothing and maybe that’s what you needed to do today.

Wear something bold

Bold moves call for bold colors.  Color can influence our mood and state of mind, so try wearing something colorful like a new pair of shorts or running shoes. Choose something motivating like a shirt with inspiring words on the front.  Dress for success from head to toe, even for your workout.

Jenni Hulburt winter running

Take a friend

Meeting someone for a workout, or taking your favorite furry friend can be great accountability and companionship.  It’s not just about you anymore.  You’re showing up to be there for someone else and that will make you feel good from the inside out.

Just play

Exercise you enjoy is exercise you will continue to do.  Choose something fun, even though it may not feel like working out.  If you like to dance, put on some tunes before you head out.  If you like peacefulness, head out for a run in the woods.  If you want to switch it up – do some “speed play” and pick a spot in a distance you can run towards hard and fast, or if you’re listening to music, pick up the speed and intensity every time the music changes.

Be aware of your excuses

Are you too busy, too tired, or too stressed to go work out?  Be your own best coach instead of critic.  If you’re too busy, schedule in what you can.  If you’re too tired, just take 10 minutes to do something and see if it energizes you to go on.  If you’re feeling stressed, ask yourself, what type of workout or run could I do that would make me feel more relaxed and at ease by the time I’m done? Maybe you need something you can take outside like my Inspire Workouts . Maybe you need to easy instead of hard, or hard instead of easy.  Some days you need to adjust and that’s OK. Don’t beat yourself up for it – just do what you need to do and be aware of what that is today.

Tune-into your body

Pay attention to your body’s needs and changes in your routine during different seasons, major life adjustments, and even your  menstrual cycle.  Body awareness allows you to have more respect and ease, and also act wiser when it comes to workout choices.  You may choose to do cardio intervals on a day you planned to do restorative yoga, or restorative yoga on a day you planned to do cardio intervals.  Listen and go with the flow.

Let the change of the seasons instigate change in your workout because your ability to move is directly tied to your willingness to get started.  Remember, it all begins with one step, one decision, or one action.  So try one of these today and MOVE.



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