wellness for the WILD 

Jenni Hulburt – founder of WILD Wellness, doTERRA Wellness Advocate



 What do you plan to do with this one WILD & adventurous life?

Welcome to the trailhead of WILD Wellness! I’m committed to helping you be the strong and healthy woman you really are…on and off the trail.

Meet Jenni  


I believe…

When WILD women wake – mountains will move.

WILD: “Women Into Living their Dreams”; passionately enthusiastic and unrestrained in pursuit of one’s dreams; inspired by nature.

Want to blaze the trails together?  

Nature is a guide for healthy living, running is a catalyst for movement, and mountains are meant to be climbed.

This is where you’ll find stories of self-discovery, inspiration for outdoor adventure, guidance for natural healthy living, and the courage to run WILD – like a woman into living her dreams.  The trail starts here.


Catch your dreams

What if you could turn your passion for wellness into a purposeful and profitable business?  One of the best choices I ever made was stepping onto the path to freedom, partnering with doTERRA to bring nature-inspired wellness to the world.  Can I be your guide to help you catch your dreams?

How to Get Motivated From Your Soul                                                     to Your Soles: 4 Steps to Running WILD

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