wellness for the WILD 

Jenni Hulburt – founder of WILD Wellness, doTERRA Wellness Advocate



 What do you plan to do with this one WILD & adventurous life?

Welcome to the trailhead of WILD Wellness! I’m committed to helping you be the strong and healthy woman you really are…on and off the trail. 

Meet Jenni  


I believe…

When WILD women wake – mountains will move.

WILD: “Women Into Living their Dreams”; passionately enthusiastic and unrestrained in pursuit of one’s dreams; inspired by nature.

The adventure starts here… 

I believe nature is a guide for healthy living, outdoor adventures are a catalyst for self-discovery, and mountains are meant to be climbed.

Taking care of your extraordinary body & expanding your soul, is vital if you want to practice your fullest potential, and live your dreams.

If you’re ready to explore, this is where you’ll find inspiration for adventurous living, guidance for nature-inspired well-being, and the courage to embrace the WILD – like a Woman Into Living her Dreams. 


Catch your dreams

What if you could turn your passion for wellness into a purposeful and profitable business?  One of the best choices I ever made was stepping onto the path to freedom, partnering with doTERRA to bring nature-inspired wellness to the world.  Can I be your guide to help you catch your dreams?

How to Get Motivated From Your Soul to Your Soles: 4 Steps to Running WILD

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