wellness leader + adventure seeker + nature lover

WILD Wellness is…

inspired by nature | unrestrained potential | passionately in pursuit

Women Into Living their Dreams

Whether it’s through a group hike in the woods, outdoor workouts or yoga, workshops on natural health, or self-discovery sessions, I help guide women like you to create a healthy, nature-inspired life and feel WILD from the inside out, while you’re on the path to living your dreams. 

I’m a small-town Pennsylvania girl with big dreams and…

I believe your one WILD life depends on your energy, creativity, endurance, and strength (on & off the trail)












This is the place where your soles and your soul meet for an adventure.


When you are… 

 Energized and strong

Confident despite challenges

Creative and healthy

Motivated to take action

Awake and WILD

mountains will move


Fast enough

Strong enough

Successful enough

Smart enough

You. are. enough.



Essential Oils

Welcome to the place where you can blaze your own trail.

Where you make the most of your miles.

Where your inner coach quiets your inner critic.

Where you’re more than a number on a scale, stopwatch, or spreadsheet.

Where you connect with nature for a healthy body and mind.

Where WILD women wake – and mountains are moved.

Welcome to the WILD.


Official Bio

Jenni Hulburt believes “when WILD women wake, mountains will move,” a message she shares to inspire women to create a healthy, nature-inspired life while they’re on the path to living their dreams.

She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science, Master’s degree in Sport Psychology, and is a Wellness Advocate and Diamond leader with doTERRA Essential Oils. 

Jenni blends her expertise in fitness, mind-body health, and essential oils to guide people on their path of well-being & self-discovery through workshops, group programs, and incorporating doTERRA wellness products into their lifestyle.  Start your adventure at www.JenniHulburt.com.

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