where sunshine + soul meet mountains + mantras

WILD Wellness is the place where your soles and your soul meet for an adventure.

Hi there, I’m Jenni!

I adventure with trailblazing women who are into living their dreams.  Blending my knowledge in fitness, mind-body health, and essential oils, I help women become strong and healthy as they explore well-being & personal growth, while on the path to their most adventurous life.


One thing I’ve noticed is that stress, self-doubt, lack of motivation, low energy, and the pressure to be successful enough, fast enough, strong enough, skinny enough, and good enough can keep us from truly living and moving the way we want.

It seems that somewhere along the way, we start running with a different story.  Most girls actually emerge from childhood with less confidence, lower self-image, and fewer expectations from life than boys.

Moving into adult life, women often end up settling for average or ignoring their body, only to end up comparing themselves to others, lacking motivation, and stopping just short of their wildest dreams… and I’m here to change that.

My wake up-call inspired me to take a different trail

As an ambitious Aries and natural redhead, with a type-A personality, I’ve struggled with those same things.  For me it came in the form of an eating disorder and adrenal issues, and when I found myself sidelined for months with fatigue, migraines, and hormonal imbalance, I knew some things needed to change.  These challenges taught me better awareness, and led me to find lifestyle tools and practices I wouldn’t want to be without!  Through my own experiences I continue to learn about the power of a nature-inspired, holistic approach to running and healthy living… and I invite you to join me.

I graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science, and I have a Master’s degree in Sport Psychology.

I’ve been a runner since childhood, chasing cows through the pasture as a born-and-raised farm girl.  I also ran cross country in high school and college, and have competed and run distances from 5K to 50 miles, including the Grand Canyon R2R2R  – a 47 mile, 14 hour adventure with my husband as a wedding anniversary celebration!



WILD: “Women Into Living their Dreams”; passionately enthusiastic & unrestrained in pursuit of one’s dreams; growing or produced in nature and living in a state of nature.

Welcome to the place where you can blaze your own trail.

Where you make the most of your miles.

Where your inner coach quiets your inner critic.

Where you’re more than a number on a scale, stopwatch, or spreadsheet.

Where no one cares if you’re wearing dirty running shoes and a sweaty smile (welcome to the tribe).

Where WILD women wake – and mountains are moved.

Welcome to the WILD.

WILD Soles

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Official Bio

Jenni Hulburt is the creator of WILD Wellness, Diamond leader with doTERRA Essential Oils, and has a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science and Master’s degree in Sport Psychology.  She blends her expertise in fitness, mind-body health, and essential oils to guide women on an adventure of well-being & self-discovery through workshops, group programs, and incorporating doTERRA wellness products into their lifestyle.  Her message – when WILD women wake, mountains will move – inspires women who are soulful trailblazers and adventurers at heart, to live their dreams on and off the trail.  Start your adventure at www.JenniHulburt.com.

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