Are you living your dreams?

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What do you plan to do with this one WILD life?

Picture this…

You’ve just returned from a two week trip where you spent most of your days among dazzling blue alpine lakes, wildflower-lined trails, and miles of peaks with fresh mountain air.

It’s a Monday and you’re back to your “regular” routine at home. You wake up with energy and excited to start the day because the fact is, you LOVE what you do.

While you were sleeping, money flowed into your account (and it wasn’t because you took some of your limited paid vacation days). In fact, while you spent a couple weeks away, your business actually grew.

All while you spent your time doing some of the things you love most – exploring, backpacking, running, and biking some of the most incredible trails ever.

Of course, there were times you fired up your laptop on this part play – part work trip, but with a location independent business and views of the mountains, you felt a smile beam across your face as you realized. This is. My. Life.

jenni hulburt climbing half dome yosemite

Then you think back to a few years ago…

You were trading dollars for hours at your job, and felt like you were running on a hamster wheel everyday with little savings to show for all the hours and hustle.

You didn’t have the vacation days, money, or freedom to spend your time doing what you love most. You husband was in the same rat race and wanted to live a different life too.

It’s not that either of you didn’t want to work. You just wanted to be living with purpose, and contributing to the world with your unique talents and passions.

You feel so grateful for life now, because you finally feel like you’ve found your purpose. You get to decide how you spend your time, when, how much, and where you work – and the best part?

The freedom you’re embracing in your life has inspired others to create the same and you know one thing – the path to freedom is contagious among the wild and adventurous trailblazer types, and you know exactly why.

Everything has changed – from your time and schedule, to your savings account and debt, to your relationships and health, and your pure enjoyment of life.

You actually feel alive.



Creating the most extraordinary and WILD life means being someone who is living your dreams, not someone else’s.  You’re blazing your own trail.

You look around and realize that some people think it’s so easy for you. You got lucky. Financial freedom (especially at your age) is a myth and a daydream.

They see the space you have in your schedule, the ease of your lifestyle, and the travel you take and think, “Wow, what a life. I wish that could be me.”

What if it could be you?

What if it’s not just something for those who are lucky?

The truth is, it’s not.  

I know this because I learned how to turn my passion into a purpose-driven and profitable business.

Can I be your guide – to help you catch your dreams?

the trail to


I fell in love with essential oils over 10 years ago.

The power of plants intrigued me for years, but when I began using essential oils as part of my everyday life, everything changed.

Peppermint for tummy upset, Lavender in my bathwater, Lemon in my cleaning products, and oils became one of the most important ingredients in all my homemade health & beauty products! 

One day I was in a yoga class and my teacher applied lavender to the back of my neck. I was amazed at the difference in the aroma compared to other essential oils I had used in the past. Which led me to ask the question…

Why are dōTERRA essential oils different?

I found out, doTERRA oils were carefully selected from plants from around the world and tested for potency and purity. This sounds obvious, but it’s not true of most essential oil companies.

Just like you can get food out of your garden, or you can buy it in a package – the quality and benefits are different.

What I came to realize and love about dōTERRA is that they’re a company committed to providing the purest essential oils, leading the industry with essential oil science and research, education, and giving back through their co-impact sourcing program.  That’s when I decided.

I stepped onto the path to freedom, partnering with doTERRA to bring nature-inspired wellness to the world.

With amazing doTERRA products that truly change lives, and network marketing as a trusted and proven business model, I allowed myself to dream big and create something that would allow other people who partnered with me, to create their own WILD life and business.  

Which brings me to an opportunity for you…

start your own

doTERRA Business

You can turn your passion for essential oils into a profitable business!  I’ll give you my online training system and resources for the structure and support you need to create your own doTERRA business with ease and joy (at no extra cost).  

Here’s a peak of what you’ll get:

  • How to share your passion with ease, as you lead with purpose on your doTERRA journey – even if you’re definitely not a salesperson and have no business or network marketing experience.

  • How to get organized and plan for success – plus the best productivity tools to help you reach your goals.

  • The exact tools and scripts you need to teach an essential oil class –including how to invite effectively, how to maximize attendance, and how to get your guests to invite you to teach their friends and family.

  • Recipes, oil tips, and wellness lifestyle game-changers for you and your oil tribe – think a library of images, posts, and resources ready for you to share!
  • Done-for-you mentoring guides and communication plan to keep in touch with you customers and team members – because your business is built on retention of customers and shared success.

  • How to structure your doTERRA business to maximize the compensation plan – knowing these strategies will save you time and mistakes that slow momentum in your business.

  • Access to our online group pow-wow’s and Facebook community, where you’re immersed in the strategy and mindset tools to help you create a purposeful and profitable business and life with doTERRA – think collaboration with high-level seekers like you, who are ready to uplevel their life and business together.

  • The Tribe Guidebook for Wellness Leaders – this is one of the most coveted resources in our tribe, with all the tools & and done-for-you resources to start and grow a successful business.

  • Regular mentoring and accountability to support your path and dreams – because my purpose is helping you totally rock this!

  • Invitations to live events to connect with other high-vibe doTERRA Wellness Advocates – these are one of the best ways to get inspiration and momentum fast.

  • Access to an archive of 100+ business training audios – on topics like network marketing skills, mindset, personal growth, how to overcome growth blocks, life-business balance, productivity, and so much more!

The training resources we have for you are really a business plan done for you, with the exact tools and templates I used to create a location independent business.  You’ll everything you need to turn your passion for wellness into your own purpose-driven & profitable doTERRA business.

If you want to love what you do for “work”, be immersed in personal growth, earn money while helping others, get support from a tribe of like-minded & ambitious people, and be a woman living YOUR dreams (not someone else’s), I’m ready to run with you!

The best part?  

You get access to the entire doTERRA business training system at no extra cost when you enroll through me and get your doTERRA essential oil starter kit.

Ready to explore?

Is this the right path


You may be thinking…“I’m not sure network marketing is right for me.”

I had this exact thought.  Do you mind if I share something about network marketing? 

You’re probably already a “network marketer.”

Think about the coffee shop you recommended to a friend, or the backpack you love and told your trail buddy about… it’s the same thing.

Network marketing is a business model where you get paid for sharing products you already love!  It’s that simple.

You know what else?  

People are thrilled when you tell them about something that changes their life for the better (and they’re grateful getting the word from someone they know, like, and trust).

Which brings me to you.

If you could see yourself sharing and teaching others about a wellness lifestyle and essential oils, you can be successful in creating a network marketing business with doTERRA.

The compensation plan (how you earn money for sharing your passion) is super lucrative and there’s no opportunity like it anywhere else.

Click here to see doTERRA’s Earnings Disclaimer

If there’s one thing I know for sure, you’ll only get out of a doTERRA business what you put into it (like anything in life, right)?  

I’ll be there to support you, but obviously I can’t guarantee you the exact same results.  Your results will come from doing the work and a commitment to keep going when the going gets tough.

As far as a guarantee with doTERRA products?  I want you to know dōTERRA offers a return policy, so if you order your essential oils and decide they’re not for you for whatever reason, simply get in touch with the amazing customer service at dōTERRA so they can help you with a refund or credit, depending on how long it has been since you purchased.

This opportunity isn’t for everyone…

I want you to know that the doTERRA business opportunity isn’t the best fit for all the freedom-seekers out there, and that’s OK.  I just want you to know it’s not for you if:

  • You already have an active doTERRA account. (If you’re already enrolled, the Wellness Advocate who enrolled you is best placed to support you on this journey)!

  • You aren’t interested in natural health and using essential oils. This seems obvious, but I could never share something I don’t use myself, so passion is a must!  But if new to oils or doTERRA, I would recommend getting your doTERRA starter kit to start exploring!  I recommend starting with the Home Essentials Kit.  Once you’ve had some experience with them and realize how amazing they are (which you will, no doubt!), then you can decide if you want to take the path and start Purpose to Profit.  I’ll be ready to run with ya!

  • You’re not a trailblazer. Starting your own business means showing up and leading the way (first for yourself).  If you’re not ready to give generously before you receive, this isn’t the right path for you. There’s no shortcuts to the peak, and commitment is a must.

  • You’re easily derailed be rejection and failure. There will be lots of learning and growth on this journey.  If that kind of thing inspires you to the top of the Matterhorn and back, you’re in the right place. Sweat equity and the rewards of an amazing experience await.  But if those kinds of ups-and-downs make you want to quit, I wouldn’t start down this path. 

A doTERRA business is perfect for you if…

  • You believe in natural health & the power of essential oils… and you love the oils to the point that you can’t imagine your life without them!

  • You desire freedom in many ways — time, money, work – all of it.

  • You thrive on community, collaboration, celebrating others, and success through a shared vision.

  • You love digging deep. This will require you to show up big, and go deep within and discover who you really are as you lead with heart.

  • You’re the kind of person who keeps going (no matter what). In your mind there is no “plan B.” You’re going to go until you get there.

Hey trailblazer, if this tugged at your adventurous spirit and you’re ready to explore the path to freedom, for yourself and the people you love… if you’re excited to be a change-maker on this planet, I’m ready to run with you.

Get Started as a

doTERRA Wellness Advocate



Jenni is the founder of WILD Wellness and a doTERRA Diamond leader, inspiring people to discover a nature-inspired life.  Her message – when WILD women wake, mountains will move – inspires women who are trailblazing adventurers at heart, to live their dreams.  Her passion for doTERRA essential oils has inspired a community of thousands of people to create a lifestyle of natural health.  Her favorite oils are Balance (grounding blend – smells like hiking through a pine forest), Rosemary (for clarity & mental power), Spearmint (for energy – also blends amazingly with Wild Orange & Peppermint).