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A personal and individualized approach is essential when it comes to oils, so I’d love for you to try them first!

You can choose the kit that fits your goals. The sample kit is free – you pay shipping $10.

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How It Works

  1. Click here to purchase your sample kit
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Free with your sample kit! A downloadable pdf with the basics on essential oils – what you should know before investing in them and how to use them safely and effectively.  Plus learn about their health benefits, and my top tips for active people like you!

Why doTERRA Essential Oils?

doTERRA essential oils are carefully selected from plants from around the world and tested for potency and purity.  This sounds obvious, but it’s not true of most essential oil companies.

Just like you can get food out of your garden, or you can buy it in a package – the quality and benefits are different.

Because there’s no governing body overseeing essential oils, quality is often compromised with synthetic ingredients and dilution.  As the largest essential oil company in the world, doTERRA is leading the industry when it comes to essential oil science and research, education, and giving back through their co-impact sourcing program.  

The company has a passion for helping others, and they work to make a difference in the lives of growers and communities where they source the oils. They remain committed to sustainable fair sourcing and partnerships, and this is everything.

New to Essential Oils?

Watch this 40 minute introductory class! You’ll learn how to use essential oils, and therapeutic benefits of 10 essential oils that every body needs in their life!

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