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I’m all for nature-inspired living and essential oils.  As a Wellness Advocate with doTERRA, I’ve taught thousands of people how to use these “gifts of the earth” to boost their energy and immune system, sleep better, recover faster, and live with healthier skin and better digestion – one drop at a time.

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For as long as I can remember I’ve loved being in nature, and I knew from a young age that I wanted to help people with their health.

I pursued a career in health and fitness through my degrees in Exercise Science and Sport Psychology, but along the way I became very interested in a holistic integrative approach to well-being.

There’s so many other self-care tools and practices you can bring into your life that you may not get from a modern medical approach.

I began using essential oils like…

  • Peppermint for head and neck tension
  • Lavender for relaxation
  • Eucalyptus for respiratory support

One day I was in a yoga class and my teacher applied lavender to the back of my neck. I was amazed at the difference in the aroma compared to other essential oils I had used in the past. Which led me to ask the question…

What makes dōTERRA essential oils different?

I found out these doTERRA oils were carefully selected from plants from around the world and tested for potency and purity. This sounds obvious, but it’s not true of most essential oil companies.

Just like you can get food out of your garden, or you can buy it in a package – the quality and benefits are different.

I didn’t realize it until then, but because there isn’t a governing body overseeing essential oils, so unfortunately quality is often compromised with synthetic ingredients and dilution.

I realized after continuing to use doTERRA essential oils and learning about their benefits, that it was the missing piece to my own healthy lifestyle.

What I love about dōTERRA is that they’re a company committed to providing the purest essential oils.  As the largest essential oil company in the world, they’re leading the industry when it comes to essential oil science and research, education, and giving back through their co-impact sourcing program.

Co-Impact Sourcing by doTERRA Provides the Best Essential Oils and Lifts Entire Communities

doTERRA has a passion for helping others, and they work to make a difference in the lives of growers and communities where they source the oils. They remain committed to sustainable fair sourcing and partnerships, and this is everything.

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Plant-based approaches to health are nothing new. In fact, you’ve probably already experienced essential oils if you’ve sipped peppermint tea, smelled a rose, or sliced open an orange. When you breathe in fresh outdoor air, you’re consuming the oxygen created from the plants, trees and flowers around us.

There are no wasted efforts in nature

Essential oils are simply another way of receiving the nourishing properties of plants. They’re not oxygen or nutrients, but potent aromatic compounds extracted through distilling plant material and bottling the aromatic compounds (essential oils). I believe the body can heal itself, when given the right support. The best part about essential oils is that you can choose the one that is right for you – at any moment.

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