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Led by Jenni Hulburt

Free Class

North Trails Public Library, 553 W Sunbury Rd, West Sunbury, PA 16061

Join Jenni Hulburt, doTERRA essential oil educator, for a masterclass on blending essential oils!  You’ll learn how oils work, and how you can blend them for specific issues, self-care, and diffuser blends.  If you’re new to oils, just bring yourself and a friend.  If you have doTERRA essential oils, bring your essential oils and a carrier oil like fractionated coconut oil, so we can experiment  with making blends!

** Everyone who attend this class that is new to doTERRA essential oils will receive a free blending kit! **

Essential Oils 101 (online)

 Essential Oils 202: You Have Oils, Now What? (online)



WILD Outdoor Adventures brings women together to hike, run, bike, climb, paddle, and explore nature, well-being, and personal growth on the path to discovering our potential and living our dreams.


Bring Jenni to Speak or Teach

I have taught hundreds of live classes and wellness workshops.  Whether it’s an essential oil class, a guided workshop on the power of the mind, or a combination for a nature-inspired event, I love teaching others how to create a higher level of wellness and live their dreams.  Here’s how I can serve you and your community, employees, organization, or tribe…

Essential Oils

  • Essential Oils 101: Introduction to Natural Health
  • Essential Oils for Green Cleaning
  • Juicing & Blending with Essential Oils
  • Aromatherapy in Integrative Oncology
  • Natural Health for Athletes: Using Essential Oils to Increase Performance & Health


  • Power of the Mind: Overriding the Inner Critic and Tapping Into Your Inner Coach
  • How to Get Motivated from Your Soul to Your Soles
  • Set Goals & Persevere with Purpose
  • Awaken Your Inner WILD: Mind-Body Wellness for Women Into Living Their Dreams

If you have an idea or would like to request more info, send me a note to and I’ll be in touch.