Soulful Goal-Setting & Lifestyle Design with Amber Campion

Described as a masterful storyteller and speaker by her peers, Amber Campion is a writer, teacher, and visionary life coach whose work invites you to boldly create a life that both lights you up and illuminates the world.

She has been featured in Positively Positive, Thrive Global, and The Yogipreneur and has led workshops, trainings, and retreats worldwide in places such as Nicaragua, Thailand, Morocco, Costa Rica, Canada, Peru and all over the United States.

Amber designs one of a kind experiences enabling seekers to more authentically and courageously bring their full self to the world. She is the creator of The Fulfillment Formula™, a soulful and strategic approach to defining, designing, and building a fulfilling life on your own terms, and is also the creator of D.R.M – Dynamic Release Method™, a mind/body/soul recharge practice that fuses yoga postures, breath-work, meditation, mindset techniques, internal martial arts, and self-myofascial release using tennis balls.

She is the founder of The Changemakers Circle, a 10 month life accelerator and leadership expansion mentorship program, as well as The Changemakers Adventure, an annual personal development, soulful lifestyle design, and adventure retreat.

Amber currently lives in a 200 square foot airstream, traveling and working all around the united states with her partner, JP, and their rescue dog, Einstein.

In this episode we chat about:

  • The adventures, challenges, and lessons of living and working on the road in an airstream (3:50)
  • Soulful lifestyle design and Amber’s 2018 “north star” theme – Inspired Connection (9:56)
  • “Finding” your calling vs. creating it, and leaning into our fears (16:15)
  • What to do when fear is keeping you stuck, and how to move forward (24:43)
  • Amber’s thoughts on the meaning of… “when WILD women wake, mountains will move” (30:16)
  • And more….


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