Reclaiming Your Wild Soul with Ana Kinkela

Ana Kinkela is a women’s coach, a writer, and a teacher whose work focuses at the intersection of spirituality, Wildness, leadership, feminism, body/mind integration and creativity. She mentors women in reclaiming their Wildness and living and leading from a soulful, embodied space that recognizes their inherent Wholeness, their Wild Soul truths, and their limitlessness. She helps women unravel the stories of the inner storyteller on an individual and cultural level, so they can claim what they most desire in their life and business.

In this episode we chat about:

  • The meaning of reclaiming your wild soul (2:46)
  • Why it’s dangerous to try and be likable by other people (7:05)
  • How to reconnect to your intuition when society has taught you the opposite (10:14)
  • What “shadow work” involves and other tools to help you know the difference between fear and intuition (14:00)
  • Running as a spiritual experience, and listening to what your body needs (18:25)
  • Ana’s daily routine for wild wellness (25:48)
  • And more….


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