Winter WILD & Well Digital Workshop

Does the cloudy, cold, dreary, and dark of winter leave you feeling heavy and unmotivated, guilty with cravings and struggling with the changes in your body, as your mood falls with the temperatures?

I want to help you pause, reflect, and learn a new way to not just survive, but thrive, through the winter season.


Inside the Winter WILD & Well digital workshop, you’ll learn:

  • How the cycles of nature influence our body, mind, and life as women
  • Practical ways to incorporate winter rituals in your every day life
  • How to nourish your winter body with food and aromatherapy
  • The best ways to exercise in the winter, balancing the resistance to stay stagnant vs. pushing yourself too much in a season of rest

Here’s what you’ll get in this self-study workshop:

  • Audio workshop (35 min) “Winter WILD & Well” 
  • Video workshop (25 min) Essential Oils for Winter Wellness: Live WILD & Well with Aromatherapy
  • 25-page WILD & Well WorkbookA printable guide – includes an outline of the themes in the workshop, essential oil usage guide and recipes, plus white space to write your own reflections
  • 2 Guided Meditations (audio): “Winter Yin” and “Walk in the Woods
  • BONUS!  Get a free essential oil sample kit (pay shipping only). Click here to choose your sample kit.


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What Others Loved About WILD & Well

“Jenni is excellent in her knowledge and passion regarding wellness, essential oils, and improving our health.”

“This helped me realize that “rest” is a good thing in winter and I shouldn’t feel guilty about it!”
“What I loved most, were the tips on how to have a positive perspective on the short cold days of winter!”


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