5 Ways To Convince Your Partner That Camping Is Wild & Wonderful

Nothing beats a weekend in the outdoors, sleeping in a tent, and cooking over a fire.

Well, that’s my thought anyway (and you might agree).

Yet, I realize that some people get uncomfortable at the thought of sleeping on the ground or going for a couple days without a shower.  In fact, maybe someone very close to you (i.e. your spouse) is the one who doesn’t enjoy camping as much as you do!

So today, I want to share some tips from Joe Black who runs Nature Rated.  Joe loves spending time in the outdoors!  Whenever daily life gets him down he heads to the nearest lake or river with his kayak and his camera and spends time recharging his batteries!


Ready to do the same with the person you love?

5 Ways To Convince Your Partner That Camping Is Wild & Wonderful

Camping can be a blast but unfortunately, not everyone feels that way.

Sleeping on the floor in cold weather away from civilization is, to some people, what dissuades them from indulging in this hobby.

The idea of having to fend for oneself when bears raid a camp or being forced to defecate in the woods and use a leaf as toilet paper is enough to make people say ‘no thanks.’

But if you are anything like me and an experienced camper, you know that all these are avoidable with proper preparation and planning.  So, suppose you want to go camping and are having a hard time convincing your partner to go with you? How do you convince them that they will have a wonderful time?

Take advantage of better campsites

Finding a good camping spot is almost impossible during the summer. This is particularly true in the case of the most in-demand sites. The winter, however, opens up doors to better camping sites. Such include regular tents, hammock tents, as well as cabins with all amenities and facilities that will come in handy for someone who doesn’t want to enter survival mode. Once your partner knows all that winter has to offer outdoors without having to sleep in the cold, you will have no problem convincing him or her to come along.

Know their fears

There are many reasons why people hesitate from camping and knowing what they are goes a long way in helping convince your partner to join you on the next camping trip. They range from fear of bugs and animal attacks, climate discomfort and no showers, to a fear of being disconnected from the world. Then there’s the whole sleeping on the ground and no food to content with. If you are going to convince your partner to go camping with you, you should come up with a sales pitch that dispels their fears. Anyone can be talked into camping if they feel like they’re in good hands. You just need to convince them that you’ll do everything to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Share your story

It may sound like the easy part but it’s harder than it seems. How many times have you tried to explain why camping is exciting and wild only to end up talking circles then saying something like “I don’t know…it’s hard to explain?” The secret to succeeding with this tactic is to focus on specific stories that describe how camping has impacted you or someone you know. Did it help you to be more self-sufficient and independent? Did you meet your best friend at camp? Keep in mind that your enthusiasm for camp can overwhelm your partner, thus making it hard for him/her to see the more rational points. It is okay for them not to believe that camping can be a life-changing experience as long as they believe that it has real benefits. Give them time to come around.

Plan with them, not for them

You may be the king of adventure but that doesn’t mean that your partner is ignorant of all things outdoorsy. Making them part of the planning process makes them feel included and learn plenty in the process. It also gives them an opportunity to voice their preferences or any concerns while putting some of their skin in the game. By so doing, your partner will be more willing to try out camping with you rather than get mad at you. Just giving them a vote on choices that have to be made can prove a major advantage. And who knows, their perspective may just lead to grander excursion.

It’s the little things that count

The little things go a long way in making rough situations bearable, if not make one feel better. Music, whiskey, chocolate or even a tarp to hang out under when it’s rainy helps create a cosy environment . Having some of these are a great way to create lasting moments on camping trips. Having the right tools and knowing how to fix problems also helps. Accidents happen so be prepared for them. Tell your partner that you will pack a first aid kit for emergencies. Hot chocolate may help for cold evenings and a great cup of coffee is a great way to start the day. Camping is all about creativity and little things like the ones mentioned will help reassure your partner that everything will go smoothly.

At the end of the day, what matters most is going and doing something. Be excited. Your partner may have the fear of nature battering them but together, both of you will move steadfastly to a distant horizon with dreams of camping fires, the wilderness, and sleeping under the stars.

Over at Nature Rated, you’ll find Joe’s “no-fluff and to-the-point” reviews to help you choose the right gear for your next adventure!


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